IA Solutions Group responds to a tide of consolidation among larger firms that has triggered an industry shift toward sales-driven strategies and the commoditization of services at the cost of customer experience. IA Solutions Group sets out to disrupt this industry trend, ensuring clients a striking alternative.


Born out of the customized approach at the heart of how Innovo and Aegis have delivered quality services within their respective fields, the advisory offers the expertise and thought leadership of larger national firms while upholding the “white glove” quality of service of a “boutique.” The partnership enables thought leaders at both firms to join forces to better serve clients, while expanding their position as best-in-class services providers.

What’s our vision?

In its initial iteration, IA Solutions Group will harness the strengths of both firms by expanding services for clients in need of innovative retirement plan design and management combined with advanced health benefits strategies and delivery. Over the long term, IA Solutions Group seeks to drive the leading edge of innovation with complementary services through other partners who share their vision for superior customer experience. Throughout, the advisory will retain its foundational roots — combining deep expertise with personalized solutions that drive competitive advantage.

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