IA Solutions Group Launches to Drive Competitive Advantage for HR and Business Leaders

Formed by founding partners at Innovo Benefits Group and Aegis Retirement Partners, the new group expands customer-focused innovation within an increasingly complex industry


Boston, MA, May 23, 2018 — IA Solutions Group, a new strategic alliance offered by Innovo Benefits Group and Aegis Retirement Partners, launched today to give HR and business leaders better solutions in an increasingly complex industry. The new group responds to the strong tide of consolidation among larger firms that has shifted the industry toward sales-driven strategies and the commoditization of services, often at the cost of customer experience.

Investment News reported that the pace of independent broker-dealer mergers and acquisitions had accelerated in 2017.[i] Corroborating this finding and taking a deeper look at the underlying issues, a Fidelity Investments study released in September 2017 concluded, “As operating margins of IBDs have plummeted over the last decade, two types of business models have emerged as the industry steadily consolidates: large firms with scale, and smaller, more focused firms serving a niche.”[ii]

IA Solutions Group will address this gap in the market for clients. Harnessing the strength of Innovo Benefits Group and Aegis Retirement Partners, the new venture disrupts industry trends by enlarging coverage of the value proposition that has been at the heart of each firm’s success in their respective fields — pairing deep expertise with personalized service to yield innovative solutions that drive competitive advantage.

“They’re involved, present, and real,” says Jennifer Gesner, Corporate Vice President at CloudWave, a health care IT solutions provider. “The crew at IA Solutions Group is incredibly helpful to our firm, and we’ve specifically pursued a relationship with an organization that delivers personalized service. They’re creative in how they approach what they do — from the industry insight they share to the thoroughness in their research and understanding our employees’ needs to the level of employee education they provide. Plus, I can pick up the phone and speak directly with them to answer my questions or help me with a particular challenge. We’ve worked with larger firms before, and you just don’t get that quality or personal attention.”

The new partnership brings together different but complementary industry disciplines. Without merging, thought leaders at both firms will join forces to serve clients who require a broader range of services, while also expanding their position as best-in-class services providers. Aegis Retirement Partners and Innovo Benefits Group will continue to operate independently in their respective areas of expertise, offering the same exceptional client-focused services for which they are known.

“IA Solutions Group is a natural extension of how we’ve always done business — delivering quality, customized service to our clients and their employees,” says Eric Gulko, Founder and President of Innovo Benefits Group. “Bucking the industry trend toward consolidation among large national firms, this partnership allows us to remain true to our regional roots and boutique approach as we find new ways to help clients thrive in today’s competitive business climate.”

The growing complexity of HR management has heightened the number of challenges that HR and business leaders face in managing their retirement plan and employee benefits strategies. By leveraging industry thought leadership, expanding expertise and providing education to executives and their employees, IA Solutions Group has been designed from the ground up to meet today’s challenges.

“Building trust and confidence through personal service is the way both of our firms have provided real value to our clients,” agrees Douglas Norberg, Partner at Aegis Retirement Partners. “We are excited to introduce IA Solutions Group to clients who have moved among service providers because they didn’t want to be rolled up into a larger organization and the different service model that entails. IA Solutions Group extends our shared philosophy and offers a powerful tool that will help us deliver innovation and address the increasing level of customization that all of today’s HR and business leaders need to thrive.”

“Managing HR for a firm our size is a challenge,” notes Jacqueline Costello, Controller for Antron Engineering & Machine Co. “We need partners that can help us at a strategic level providing the leadership needed for our benefits and retirement planning in addition to fulfilling the required core tasks. IA Solutions Group and its member partners are a step above in all those aspects. They stay on point with delivering quality service and creative thinking, and stay focused on details. With this, we benefit from the professional relationship they’ve built with each other as well as the relationship they’ve built with Antron. It’s a win-win situation.”

Looking to the future, IA Solutions Group seeks to continue driving the leading edge of innovation with complementary services through a range of partners who share the same vision for superior customer experience. Throughout, the advisory will retain its foundational roots — offering the expertise and thought leadership of larger national firms while maintaining the “white glove” quality of service of a “boutique.”


Laurie Riedman
Riedman Communications

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