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We believe clients deserve better solutions in an increasingly complex industry and regulatory environment.  So, we’ve joined the forces of like-minded thought leaders in health benefits planning and retirement services to respond to the tide of consolidation and services commoditization that’s eroded customer experience across our industry.  Bucking industry trends, our approach combines the expertise and thought leadership of larger national firms with the white-glove quality service of a boutique.  We offer custom solutions across a full range of health benefits planning and retirement services.

Health Benefits & HR Consulting

Benefits Plan Consulting & Marketing

We provide comprehensive health & welfare benefits plan consulting and brokerage services to meet your needs. An independent firm that works with all carriers, we offer customized solutions including benchmarking, plan design, funding, and request-for-proposal work for plans spanning Medical/Rx to life insurance and disability benefits.

Benefits Compliance

Our compliance services — augmented by technology that provides customized, real-time updates — include plan documentation and notices preparation, annual 5500 reporting, and in-person reviews and updates. With deep experience and an acute knowledge of evolving compliance issues, we help you navigate federal, state, and local benefits laws so your HR resources can devote more time to do what they do best.

HR Administration Services

We provide extensive HR administrative support services to give HR leaders more time to focus on growing people and the business. For our benefits brokerage clients, we offer fully customized concierge services spanning COBRA administration, carrier adds and terms, individual claims advocacy, new-hire presentations, and individual employee support, to name a few.

HR Consulting Services

Many of our clients have responsibility for benefits and other HR matters. To provide a holistic approach across the HR ecosystem, we provide white-glove supporting services such as employee relations, benefits training, performance management, on-boarding, policy implementation, and HR compliance consulting. You always have the advantage of a dedicated adviser who has deep experience and credentials in the field, coupled with a range of online tools.

Employee Benefits Education

We believe that one of our most important roles is ensuring that you are educated in the world of benefits so you can make the best decisions for your organization, and your employees can do the same for themselves and their families. We offer a range of tools and services — combining in-person and technological educational components — to make information sharing turnkey and ensure that resources are always readily accessible.

Employee Wellness Programs

There are many benefits of wellness programs in the workforce. Drawing from our insight into emerging incentive-driven and technology-enabled programs, we offer customized solutions that make wellness programs efficient and sustainable for companies of all sizes. In addition to providing custom wellness solutions, our services include implementation, education and support, and wellness program technology integration and management.

HR Systems & Technology Integration

HR systems can be a powerful tool for small and medium-size businesses. By outsourcing the deployment and management of these technologies, many of our clients have achieved greater efficiency, reduced costs, and found more time to focus on strategic goals. Our experts guide you in identifying and evaluating technology and vendor options, customizing a solution to best match your needs. Then we provide a range of ongoing advisory services to help you utilize payroll, HR administration, and benefits management systems to their full potential.

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Retirement Planning & Consulting Services

Retirement Plan Consulting

Our retirement plan consulting services answer a wide range of needs, from offering ongoing retirement plan consulting solutions for companies who demand flexible ERISA-compliant solutions to serving defined-contribution and defined-benefit plan sponsors of for-profit corporations and partnerships as well as nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.  We also offer consulting services for nonqualified executive benefit plans.

Retirement Plan Administration

In our unique approach, our administration model assigns one retirement plan expert to handle all the services that our clients need.  This ensures efficiency, reliability, and a level of accountability usually missing when working with large TPA or full-service administration firms.

Retirement Plan Design

Our focus is to design a customized retirement plan solution that addresses the specific goals and objectives of your company or organization.  We offer expertise with all forms of qualified and nonqualified plans and will work with you to deliver a plan that provides the greatest value for your employees.

Retirement Plan Compliance

We’re dedicated to ensuring that your qualified retirement plan remains in compliance with current IRS and DOL legislation.  We prepare ongoing plan amendments in a timely manner and ensure ongoing administration is accurate and compliant.  Throughout, we communicate changes that may impact your plan to ensure that you and your staff are always up to date.

Retirement Plan & Adviser Benchmarking

As our client, you will always have a clear understanding of the costs associated with operating your retirement plan.  We annually provide our clients with a fee benchmarking report to ensure that plan fees remain reasonable based on the services being received and fully disclosed in compliance with ERISA 408(b)2.  We also provide annual investment advisory fee benchmarking reports so our clients know their participants are benefiting from a competitively priced service model.

Retirement Plan Communication & Education

The very best plan design in the world is useless if your employees don’t know how to plan and invest for a comfortable retirement.  We make it our priority to explain the key features of your unique plan and effectively communicate everything employees need to know, from investment and retirement basics to the development of a comprehensive retirement income plan.  Our education sessions can be customized to fit group and individual one-on-one settings to best meet each client’s needs.

Investment Advisory Support

We offer a range of investment advisory services to help you serve as responsible stewards for your employees’ retirement savings. We align our services with the goals and objectives of the plan sponsors and plan participants we protect and help you create and maintain a prudent process and monitoring policies throughout.

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